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Shipping & Returns

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Your satisfaction is our pursuit. We offer a comprehensive return policy for our customers. Before a problem occurs, please contact us to discuss your return. Most of the time, we are able to provide technical support to solve this problem, you do not need to send anything back. If the product is irreparable defects, you can go back to our half year warranty repair or replacement.

In (from the date of receipt of goods) within 15 days if found product quality problems (non-human factors or non-resistance to external damage), you can send it back to restore (the buyer pays shipping). We have received your product damage, repair for you and ship them back to you (we will pay the freight, to repair the product.) Or you can go to a nearby local service center and repair the faulty item, then send receipts maintenance expenses, after costs, we will pay the check copy. (Note: This is our professional quality control, so the problem is the quality of the final judgment of individual factors or external forces to destabilize the project failed brought fails to send to us photos and resulting maintenance costs can not be reimbursed by us If it is caused by human factors or to avoid quality problems.)

Non-quality problems
In 30 days (from the date of receipt of the goods), if you find that you choose does not meet your color or size of the product can be returned and replaced with the following conditions:
1. The product must be returned in their original packaging. 2. The product should not be used (except Trial).
3. Buyers will pay benefits and delivery of goods.
4. After this, the product is returned in good condition, we will replace it a new and ship them back to you.

Submit replace items, please delivery of goods is transferred to our account represents. Once the payment is completed, the new project will be shipped as soon as possible.

In 30 days (from the date of receipt of the goods), if found quality problems (non-human factors or irresistible external damage) goods, you can send it back. We received a good product, we will launch a new to you, we will pay for shipping replacement. (Note: This is our professional quality control, so the problem is stable by personal factors or not to buy the product quality of external damage caused by the final decision will not be repaired, the replacement does not come back is ,, and if you find problems, quality, human factors can cause or prevent injury.)

Return and a partial refund
This site does not provide a full refund, no quality problems, such as:
"The product does not appear in your photo."
"This product is not my imagination."
"I'm not satisfied with this product."
In 7 days (from the date of receipt of the goods), if you request a return, because items purchased these reasons, it is necessary (to pay the freight buyer) product in its original packaging. We have received your product damage, in addition to transportation, according to a certain amount of fees deducted from the total amount of your order and give you a partial refund.

Solve your problem
If you have any questions, please feel , to Contact Us. We will process your request or complaint, respond as quickly as possible.

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